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Being among the best Indian restaurant in Amsterdam. Our favorable Samrat Restaurant is known for its peaceful, cozy atmosphere to make you feel at home right away while you immerse yourself in delicious and delicious meals. We will make your taste buds tingle with our delicious authentic Indian dishes. Whether you are looking for a fiery vindaloo, a classic korma or one of our specialties Tandoori or curry dishes, our recipes are guaranteed to add some test to your life!

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Muligtwany Soup


chicken and lentil soup.

Chicken Soup


kip soep.

Dal Soup


lentil soup.

Onion Bhajee


chopped onions mixed with spices and gram flour deep fried and served with salad and sauce.

Chicken Tikka Birriani


boneless chicken cooked together with rice and medium spices.

Lamb Birriani


lamb meat cooked together with rice and medium spices; served with curry sauce and salad.

Vegetable Birriani


mix vegetable and rice cooked together with medium spices.

King Prawn Birriani


large prawns cooked together with rice and medium spices.

Mango Ice cream


Pistache Ice Cream


Vanilla Ice cream


Duis aute irure in voluptate velit esse cillum.

Indian Ice cream (Kulfi)


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Mix Salad


tomatoes, cucumber and salad.

Onion Salad


red and white onions with spices.



yoghurt with cucumber and spices.

Pilau Rice


Indian rice with spices.


Samrat: Best Indian Restaurant in Amsterdam

Indian cuisine is just as richly varied as the country and people themselves. With us, you will find all kinds of traditional dishes from the northernmost point of India, central India, as well as the southernmost part. For our customers who have to get used to the spicy herbs, we prepare the same authentic dishes on a milder basis. In addition, we also have many vegetarian

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Samrat Indian Restaurant

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